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Empowering Coaching & Performance Programs

Are you looking to take your leadership skills and performance to the next level? Performance Catalyst Coaching has you covered with our comprehensive coaching and performance programs and expertise. Our experienced and certified coaches will work with you to help you learn new skills and elevate your ...

Your Journey With Our Certified Coaches

As Certified Core Energy Coaches with access to the powerful Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, we bring a unique and transformative approach to personal and professional development. Our coaches have been rigorously trained and certified through the iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in ...

Shaping Leaders, Building Futures

At Performance Catalyst Coaching, our mission is to empower individuals to unleash their full potential and achieve extraordinary success.

Personalized Transformation

Our certified Core Energy Coaches are dedicated to guiding you through a deeply personalized journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through one-on-one or group coaching sessions, we help you unearth the root causes of unproductive choices and behaviors, facilitating profound shifts in perspective and belief systems.

ELI Assessment Insights

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is our transformative tool that provides invaluable insights into your worldviews and responses to stress. With this awareness, we collaboratively map out a tailored path towards the results you aspire to achieve, enhancing your personal and professional growth.

Holistic Approach to Success

Our holistic approach combines the power of Core Energy coaching, the ELI Assessment, the Law of Being, The Energy Leadership Development System, COR.E Leadership Dynamics, and COR.E Performance Dynamics to ensure lasting change. We empower you to tap into your true potential, unleashing peak performance and personal fulfillment,.

We go beyond conventional coaching; it's your catalyst for lasting transformation and success. Join us today and embark on a transformative journey that will elevate every aspect of your life. Your path to unlocking your true potential begins here.


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‘If We Practice Being Spectacular Long Enough, Spectacular Will Become Our Way of Being.’ – Robin Sharma

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