The Major Problem Confronting All Athletes

Whether you are an amateur playing for fun or a top-tier competitor, athletes want to use all of the capacity that they have built as a result of training for countless hours and spending significant sums of money to hone their skills. They want to have access to their very best when it counts the most. One of the main challenges for performers is consistency: consistency of performance, consistency of results, consistency of focus, consistency of confidence, and even consistency of fun.

Whatever the game, there is a natural ebb and flow, and, unfortunately, when the game ebbs – so does our enjoyment, confidence, focus, and the belief that we can get back on track. When our game goes south or the pressure of crunch time builds, we quickly grasp at what we think has worked before, yet something keeps us from finding that zone or flow again.

There is, in fact, a solution – one that’s relatively simple to understand, but not quite so easy to master.

After all, any great athlete knows, high performance is not simply about talent or mechanics.  

High performance is a “state” that brings everything together –

 it’s where the inner and outer games harmonize and your potential is realized.

When athletes describe a state of flow, of effortless performance, they often cite a connection to everything around them. In his famed book, Flow in Sports, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes flow as “a harmonious experience where the mind and body are working together effortlessly.”

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a system to achieve flow, almost at will?

COR.E Performance Dynamics™ is that system!

Mastering COR.E Performance Dynamics™

COR.E Performance Dynamics is an energetic and holistically based development program for mastery in sports and life.

What is a master? 

It’s someone who lives by a unique process and has the desire to continually learn, grow, and develop into the best they can be. COR.E. Performance Dynamics examines who you ideally want to be, how you want to play, and what you want from your game. Then the program helps you devise a plan to achieve what you desire. Ironically, even if your main goal is enjoyment of the game, you will find that your performance will improve, too. You can apply this program to all areas of your life. COR.E. Performance Dynamics provides a roadmap to mastery; with that roadmap, you can decide in what direction you’d like to go.

The Long List of Areas You’ll Develop and Master

This is just a partial list of some of the areas critical to conquering the most common challenges that athletes say they consistently face (click the link below to download “The One Thing” Report for Athletes, to learn the Top 10 Challenges and how COR.E Performance Dynamics helps you eliminate them). Each one of these areas will enhance and optimize your performance level and is drawn from the five COR.E. program components that you’ll se e below. To perform at your potential, you must:

  • Develop confidence, feel it during the challenge of sport, and keep it in the aftermath of adversity
  • Identify your personally preferred method of practice that yields the best resultsin the least amount of time
  • Learn how to transfer what works in practice to the playing field
  • Create long-term, powerful goals and short-term strategies that work toward the future AND have an immediate effect on performance
  • Remove distractions in order to develop concentration, focus, alertness, decision-making abilities, and other attributes of successful top athletes
  • Develop an understanding of the energy of performance and the ability to shift it in the moment
  • Beat self-sabotage before it begins
  • Break down any barriers to improved performance
  • Create a network and team for success
  • Develop a plan for success, implement that plan, be accountable to it, and overcome anything that gets in the way of it
  • Develop a personal success formula
  • Use your current level of skill to produce the best results you are currently capable of producing
  • Create a game philosophy and perspective that create success both in sports and life

So how will you develop and master the above?

The 5 Components of COR.E Performance Dynamics

Component 1 – Creating Your Game Plan

Most athletes are looking for something more out of their performance or game, but they are either unclear of exactly what it is or have only defined part of the goal and not the complete picture. For instance, a golfer may name a handicap he wants to achieve, but spends no time painting a picture around the type of experience he wants to have while golfing or how he plans to handle adversity. Without this clarity and complete vision, you can struggle to reach the level of performance you’re looking for – and even if you reach your goal, you may still feel like something is missing. Any of this can lead to uncertainty, lack of confidence in decision-making, lack of fulfillment and enjoyment, and feeling constantly bored or consistently uneasy.

Component 2 – Establishing Your Energy & Performance Foundation

When it comes to high performance, athletes are simply unaware of why they perform well one day and poorly the next. It's rarely, if ever, the skill level that changes from day to day or even moment to moment; it's the athlete’s energy that is constantly changing. These up and downs often create a love/hate relationship with their sport that leads to joys and disappointments. Simply stated: spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, they just don't get from their sport what it's capable of providing. By understanding the nature of the energy of performance, an athlete can take steps to proactively create consistent experiences, as well as make quick adjustments in the moment when things go sour. Without the right type and amount of energy, the game is lost before it’s even played.

Component 3 – Finding and Harnessing Your COR.E Performance Influencers

How do you make real, meaningful, and intentional changes in the moment in a manner that either redirects your momentum to get back on track or further enhances your energy when things are going well?

This amazing component helps you understand how to solve issues – on and off the course in real time. Waiting to make adjustments after your game is for long-term progress – and of course that is very important. You also need to know what to do in the moment so you can revamp, rethink, and retry on the fly.

COR.E Performance Dynamics helps you understand how to boost your energy and performance as you’re playing. You’ll develop a personal success formula that you can apply in the moment – capitalizing on your strengths, traits, preferences, and attitude. This, in turn, dramatically improves the repeatability and consistency of your performance.

Component 4 – Mastering the 10 COR.E Disciplines

Where do distractions, lack of motivation or confidence, sabotaging self-talk, and other hexes that plague athletes come from?

The world’s greatest athletes get their calm, cool swagger from a frame of mind, perspective, or attitude that unleashes their full potential. They have developed an approach to their game that keeps their motivation high, their resiliency strong, and their ability to spot opportunities to excel sharp.

This component reveals the 10 COR.E Disciplines that are instrumental to bringing out your ideal performance state.

Component 5 – Optimizing Your Success Formula

One of the key elements to understand AND embrace: what worked yesterday may not work today, nor should it. You need to know how to evolve as you and your game are forever evolving. You have to continue to refine your approach – keeping what’s working, modifying as you go, and eliminating the elements that no longer serve you.

This optimization process and learning to navigate the evolution of your game takes time. Understanding what is and is not working in your game can be complex, as is determining the real driver behind the changes in your performance. Is it what it appears to be on the surface or is it something else that you’re overcompensating for? This is where real optimization comes from – knowing truly what’s at the core of your performance level and knowing how to mold, shape, and evolve it, proactively and intentionally, over time.

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‘If We Practice Being Spectacular Long Enough, Spectacular Will Become Our Way of Being.’ – Robin Sharma

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